Mundy’s Spaghetti Aioli

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BIFFO’s always get a fierce hard slagging, much of it deserved and often it is not.  Yet their reputation is certainly not  enhanced by our current leader. Smoking illegally at Croker on Sunday was a new personal low for Brian Cowen. He would have been forgiven if he were a Dub though, blame it on the auld nerves getting the better of him.

I was in Hill 16 for that match. It had been a while since I was  last entrenched there for a Dubs  game. Big Ignorant Fuckers From Offaly are nothing compared to some of the degenerate junkie mankbags in blue.  There is surely no hatred more intense than the provincial variety, especially with scumbag Dubs, who obviously can’t stand anybody. One topless madoutofit right next to me quite literally came close to exploding with vitriol when Cork scored their final point against the boys in blue. I could be mistaken, but I’m quite sure his exact words were, “FUCK OFF! FUCK YOU! CORK’S FUCKIN THAT WAY!” Thankfully for all  concerned, no red shirts were in ear shot.

These are the true lowlifes of Ireland, yet we Dubs look down on poor defenseless souls like BIFFO’s. But to be fair, that’s our God given right, because we are better than them, yet that’s another day’s discussion… One particular individual from Offaly (it would not be fair to call him a BIFFO) who I’ve always got on with is Mundy. We were introduced on the stage of The Sugar Club at about 5am after a Heineken Green Energy wrap party  many, many moons ago. There were one or two kegs left over and somebody had to finish them off. An impromptu session with about a dozen drunken musicians and bartenders kicked off and it didn’t end til the cleaners turfed us all out.

I’d like to think that both Mundy and I are wiser now, but we’re probably not.  Given half a chance to demolish a couple of kegs of Heino and either one of us would run amok on it. Yet we’re both probably better at the soakage that should ideally happen beforehand. This week’s recipe is proof.

Mundy’s Prawns with Spinach, Rocket and Spaghetti Aioli


The Birr native loves his crustaceans.  He pan fries them and lashes
them in with some fresh rocket and spinach and serves it with some
spaghetti. When washing the prawns, he points out that it is essential
to remove what looks like the spine, as it is actually something that
is far more unpleasant. It’s shite. As they would say in Offaly, or anywhere else in Ireland for that matter.


1 red chilli
2 or 3 cloves of garlic
3 stalks of fresh parsley
1 bag of rocket
1 bag of baby spinach
Half a pack of spaghetti, the thin variety called spaghettini is best
20 fresh prawns
Juice of half a lemon
Extra virgin olive oil
Knob of butter
Nice bottle of white wine, whatever you reckon works best with fish
A pinch of salt and pepper

Finely chop the garlic, chilli and parsley separately and leave aside,
it should look the Italian flag, or the Mexican even!
Clean all the prawns by washing them in cold water
Boil a pot of cold water with a bit of salt and add the pasta when water boils.
Add the red, white and green to a hot pan of melted knob of butter and
cook for 4 mins until it’s all softened.
Now add the prawns for 2 mins, then the bag of rocket and baby spinach.
The Prawns should take on a lovely orange colour.
Add a splash of the white wine that you are going to serve with it and season
with salt, black pepper and lemon juice.
Strain the pasta but keep a little bit of the water.
Add the pasta to the pan with some extra virgin olive oil and the
pasta water. Mix the ingredients through the spaghettini and serve
straight away with a little really fresh focaccia if that floats your
curragh like.


Photos from The Dubliner Magazine

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