Body & Soul ~ Food Preview Time!!!

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I reckon it’s about time that we can start counting the days til my favourite festival EVER takes place. Why am I such an avid fan of Body & Soul you might ask? Well as opposed to listing off the many, many attributes that it has, I thought I might share with you all the things it DOESN’T have that it make it so deadly.

~ MARAUDING GANGS OF TEENAGE SCROTES INTENT ON WREAKING HAVOC & DRAWING BLOOD The last time I went to Oxygen, the devastation in the car park alone was a mash up of a certain Hieronymus Bosch painting and a post modern Lord of The Flies. There was plenty of this lot knockin’ round. Enough of them to give anyone over the age of 20 a proper dose of The Fear.


~ ASPIRING MODELS AND THEIR BRAINDEAD YET AFFLUENT BOYFRIENDS All those twatbags that you see doing photocalls on Stephen’s Green dressed as Fyffe’s Bananas with their legs spread all over a Mini Cooper. They’ll do absolutely anything to be a quick piece of camera fodder and only keep boyfriends who wear pink shirts. There’s always a geansai load of them around the VIP area of Electric Picnic trying to emulate Kate Moss by wearing brightly coloured wellies.

~ SHITE MUSIC & SHITE FOOD Should you really be in the market for a clapped out band on the downward spiral of a reunion tour while you chomp down on a burger that’s rougher than a badger’s arse, then just don’t go to Body & Soul.

The daycent atin’ & drinkin’ began at the Leccie Piccie. It  completely changed two of the essentials at local festivals. Many of the foodstalls you see at EP also make appearances at Ballinlough. But you have the added bonus of not having to queue so long as you do in Stradbally, as it’s a far more intimate gathering. Although, I am still convinced that there is a specific Irish Festival goer who craves the perverse sado masochistic pleasure of queuing for an hour to eat a pie or use the jacks.

I’m sure you’re all more than aware of the outstanding line up acts on offer this year. Just yesterday, the amazing Lee Fields & The Expressions was added on to the bill (his sell out show in The Sugar Club was epic) as well as WhoMadeWho. But this is where we get to wax lyrical about all the wicked food that will be available. For the next 3 weeks leading up to the big weekend, I’ll be picking out culinary highlights of what yez can wolf down on.  Starting with….



These are the types of foodstalls that make vegetarians seriously question their core beliefs. A gigantic, circular grill swinging on top of a charcoal grill covered in really tasty, perfectly barbecued sausages. For me, I’m at my happiest when I can smell meat infused smoke and can hear fat falling on hot coals.

The two unique selling points that make Fire and Food work so well is the rotating grill that evenly cooks the meat and the fact that that they only use properly organic charcoal.

Check ‘em out for a late breakfast or all day dinner. Or when you just want to gloat in front of a veggie mate.  You’ll definitely see me there, a lot.



So before all the self righteous salad junkies start moaning, I’ll show some respect for one of the all time finest, meat free dishes – the humble falafel. Chick peas that are mashed up and then seasoned and rolled into balls to be deep fried. They’re thrown into a flatbread that’s smothered in hummus and dressed with tomatoes and lettuce.

Here’s the interesting part. In my opinion, The Lebanese Kitchen do the best falafel in Dublin, not just because they use great fresh ingredients but more importantly, they’re the only ones who offer you the particularly spicy green chilies to pimp out your meal. Lash 2 or 3 of these bad boys into your falafel and you’ll know all about it. If you need something sweet afterwards to dull the pain, try some of their wicked baklava.

Falafel is another all day any time kinda meal. And definitely one to serve carnivores who think they can’t be properly satisfied with a flesh free dish.



If you prefer your Mediterranean cuisine to have a more Iberian or Italian touch, then you’ll need to find Dux & Co. Here you’ll find brand new dishes like home made meatballs in vodka and herb sauce along with some of their classics such as chorizo and butter beans.

Owners Leah & John have been heavily influenced by some time they spent in Spain and this is reflected in their menu, which includes a tapas plate and the all important festival staple – patatas bravas. These are fried spuds that are richly flavoured in tomato and paprika sauce. Seeing as you’re going to be spending 48 hours away consuming vast quantities of gargoyle, chips are going to have to play a starring role at some point, so you may as well have a more exotic version of them. And if you fancy giving a them a go yourself, they were kind enough to give us an auld recipe for them that’s right below.

I’ll be back next week with a recipe from one of the main acts playing as well as more from the food stalls – stay tuned!




Bravas Sauce:

Fry a white onion in olive oil.
Add a clove garlic and fry a bit more.
Add a dash of paprika, a bay leaf, a pinch of chili flakes, a tablespoon tomato paste, sea salt and freshly ground black pepper.
Cook into a paste.
Add some tinned chopped tomatoes (and a bit of sugar if its too acidic).
Simmer for a bit.

Garlic Mayo (Aioli):

Roast 6 garlic cloves
Puree and add to a jar of Hellman’s Mayo

Potatoes (we like to use Roosters):

Cut into large cubes.
Deep fried until crisp.
Lightly Season.
Spoon Sauce onto Fried Potatoes and add a squirt of garlic mayo.

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